Hi readers (or cyberspace, since I plan to tell approximately zero people about this blog),

My name is [redacted], but you can call me [badass pseudonym pending]. I am your typical 20-something living in DC. I work in communications, which is basically the PC way of saying I am a professional bullshitter (I like to think of myself as a highly skilled bulshitter—making things up on the fly is a skill that can’t be taught, y’all—sometimes I also do things like write press releases and search the internets for stock photos).

I started this blog because I have a lot of feelings, and sometimes it’s good to write them down. Now that I work in a professional setting, I realize that it’s not always appropriate to verbalize those feelings during the day, and deep thoughts are similarly not the best conversation starters at happy hours. So, in the interests of saving my coworkers, friends and acquaintances from the ramblings of yours truly, I decided to just put them down on paper (or in pixels—I would keep a journal, but I would probably lose it).

I thought a lot about whether or not I should make my blog anonymous, because I didn’t want it to seem like I don’t stand behind what I write. Eventually decided that because I am just starting out in my career I would like to maintain some separation between my writing life and my work life. Not that I would necessarily be uncomfortable with my employers seeing what I write here—I imagine that they might at some point—but for now this blog is intended to be a safe space for me to write for myself, and not censor my writing based on what any current or future employer, client, etc. might think about what I choose to write about.



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